Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for my podcast.


  1. One of you. A one-to-one interview runs more smoothly, with less risk of crosstalk or silences while it’s decided who answers each question. For bands, it doesn’t matter which band member comes on, as long as they are comfortable conducting the interview in English and that everyone else is happy for them to act as a spokesperson.
  2. A connected device with email access and web browser installed. This can be a smartphone, desktop or laptop on any operating system. The service we’ll be using (Cleanfeed) specifies Chrome, but it also works with Vivaldi and Safari browsers. A list of compatible browsers can be found here.
  3. A headset. Headphones or earphones are essential, as without them we will hear an echo of my voice on the recording coming back via your speaker. If you’re using a smartphone, a headset with a mic on is fine. On a computer, we’ll hear you through your webcam mic by default.
  4. A clear hour in a quiet place, ideally with a decent wifi connection. We won’t necessarily be talking for this long, but it would be great if you can give our conversation some breathing space and minimise interruptions. A clear hour will cover it.


There are no proprietory apps to download. Everything works through your browser.

  • We’ll be using the web service to record our chat.
  • I’ll send you a link via email when we’re ready to connect.
  • Open the email and click the link to connect to Cleanfeed.
  • Cleanfeed will open in your phone’s browser.
  • From there, everything should just work.


We’ll have time for a brief pre-interview chat before we get started to make sure that we’re all on the same page.

  • I will avoid discussing politics and religion unless it’s directly relevant to your music.
  • If there’s anything you expressly don’t want to talk about, that’s fine. Just let me know beforehand.
  • If something does come up during the conversation that you’d rather not talk about, just let me know and we’ll move on. It’s hugely unlikely that will happen, but if it does I’ll do whatever possible to edit out any mishaps afterwards.

Stuff we’ll typically cover includes:

  • Your origins. Where you’re from, band origins, how you met.
  • Your influences. What you listen to, who you sound like.
  • Production. Who you work with, where you record, any production notes.
  • Your release. As the whole point of the interview is to promote your new release, we’ll play at least one of your tracks in the show. After that we can talk about the song or album in more detail.
  • Everything else. We’ll go down any rabbit holes and let the conversation unfold naturally.


  • I’m not out to make anyone look bad. The whole point of the exercise is to help you sell more music. While the conversation could go in any direction, I’m not going to knowingly ask you anything difficult or awkward.
  • I will edit the interview for brevity and clarity and to remove any goofs, coughs or other interruptions.
  • But I will not alter the content or context of what you’ve said.


  • Copyright clearance. By commencing the interview you confirm that you permit me to include your music in the finished recording and that you are properly authorised to give me this permission. I’ll check this verbally with you when we start the call.
  • Copyright control. With the exception of your music which is used with permission, the copyright ownership of the finished recording is solely that of Reedsmore Ltd, the show’s production company.
  • You won’t be offensive for the sake of it. As we’re not on the radio, swearing is generally okay. I also respect artistic integrity and understand that some subject matter within art can be hard to deal with. However, being offensive purely for shock value is facile and dull, so is likely to result in the termination of the interview and/or the withholding of the recording from publication.
  • No obligation. You agree that I am under no obligation whatsoever to publish the finished interview and neither I nor Reedsmore Ltd can be held liable for any loss incurred by delaying or preventing publication for any reason.
  • No payment. Neither I nor Reedsmore Ltd demand any payment from guests or their associates to appear on the show. Conversely, neither I nor Reedsmore Ltd will provide any payment to guests or their associates for any appearance made.


If you’ve read this far, we’ll already be in touch via email. So please feel free to ask me anything and I’ll be glad to help.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon.