The End of Oddity Road

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Following Oddity Road’s awesome track Why Am I Like This? in the Solstice Edition of the show, I mention that it’s unclear whether Oddity Road are still together and whether they’ll be playing the dates scheduled for November and December 2020 that are (at pixel time) still up on the tour page of the Oddity Road website.

The source of the doubt came from a post on their Twitter and Instagram feeds, on which they had posted a cryptic message alluding to a disagreement with one band member, resulting in the band being put on hold.

Right on cue – while I was recording the show – Oddity Road provided confirmation of the band’s demise in what appears to the be the final post on their Instagram feed.

Buzzing for new times, new things and our new bands. #RIPOddity

All other Instagram posts have been removed from the page, and the band’s official Twitter account has been deleted altogether.

The silver lining is that the wording of the Instagram post suggests that the breakup has already spawned at least two new projects. No details as to whether any members of the band have stayed together, or what shape those new projects may take. I’ll have all those details and more for you as they emerge.

Hear my interview with Oddity Road recorded backstage in December 2019 ahead of the band’s headline gig at Gorilla in Manchester.

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