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Regular followers of the Real Rob Taylor will know that I have a fairly strict policy on cover versions. This is because the show is all about connecting music-loving audiences with the hottest new tracks from independent artists, bands and labels. It’s not about showcasing wedding bands or pub singers who only play covers of the same old crowd-pleasers.

(To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with being a wedding band or a pub singer. But they belong in weddings and pubs, rather than on a new-music podcast. More on that here, if you’re interested.)

However, if a band really brings something new to a cover version, I’ll make an exception. And so it was down to RISING INSANE to take my cover-song cherry this week in Episode 12 of the show, when I played their metalcore version of Dua Lipa’s Physical, which makes the original version sound somewhat limp by comparison.

Now the kitsch-loving German quintet have done it again with their cover of Maniac. Those of you who aren’t as unyoung as I am might not know that this is in fact a cover of Michael Sembello’s synth-pop classic, taken from the 1983 movie Flashdance. A gem of a track, but not one that immediately lends itself to death growls.

For the first half of the song, you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s just a slightly faster rocked-up version of the original. But at the 2-minute mark, things change dramatically, making a great track even better. I can’t wait for the opportunity to see them play this live.

Rising Insane’s album Porcelain is out now on Long Branch Records.

Buy and stream Maniac here.

Buy Rising Insane’s album Porcelain here.

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